About us

17aces is an international production agency specializing in manufacturing of unique gifts, products for private labels and POS materials. We genuinely enjoy looking for and developing new gifts, investigating and using various manufacturing and materials processing technologies.

Our know-how is an all-embracing service and a deep understanding of your marketing and sales goals. Every single product we design and manufacture aims to become an integral part of your marketing and sales strategy – while also focusing on optimizing your marketing budget.

Our production offices are located in Shenzhen and Yiwu, only hours away from factories in the Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu provinces – our main manufacturing locations in China. Our creative teams are based in Russia and Germany.

Our motto is to look for worldwide trends, transform them into concepts and mass-produce them for you and your customers. “Embracingly yours,” 17aces


> 3,000,000
units manufactured
to date
7+ years
on the market
> 132
projects completed
for clients in Russia,
US, Spain, Germany
and Switzerland
of clients return
for repeat business
orders handled for
local and