How it works

Step 1

Create a product

You need to create a new product
in order to sell or promote your
brands (ODM or private label service). You are looking for appealing and
effective solutions (OEM service).
Step 2

Send us a request with a description

Send us a request with a description
of your product (or an outline of
your idea), along with a photo, the
production volume, and other
relevant information. We will study
the particulars of your request and
within 24 hours will send you a
quote with a detailed overview of
the project: prices, production and
delivery dates, etc. After discussing
the details of the project with us
over a cup of coffee or over the
phone, you will be offered to sign
a contract with our company
Step 3

We manufacture and deliver a sample for your inspection

At this stage, we manufacture and
deliver a sample for your inspection.
If you are happy with the sample,
you pay 50% of the cost of your
order, which is then sent in for
manufacturing at the selected factory
Step 4

You are provided with pictures and a summary report

At each step in the manufacturing
process you are provided with
pictures and a summary report.
When the manufacturing run is
complete, you pay the remaining
50% of the order
Step 5

You choose the method of delivery

You choose the method of delivery
most suitable for you – we can work
with your logistics company (FOB
or EXW terms), or suggest the best
delivery option for your country
(DDP or CIF terms)


All-embracing service

All-embracing service

Each project is assigned a professional team consisting of a personal account manager, a designer, and a quality control engineer. This guarantees strict adherence to deadlines and a high quality of the end product
A team of professionals

A team of professionals

Our experience over 7 years and more than 100 completed projects ranging from $5,000 to $372,000 in volume ensures your peace of mind throughout the duration of the project. Our reputation is important to us
Product development

Product development

Our experience working with press-tool dies, our expertise in prototyping, our knowledge of materials and coating techniques, and our know-how in orchestrating the production of separate parts of a product at different locations, all enable us to create a product that will perfectly match your original idea or design


If you are not satisfied with the quality of product (materials, assembly, logo application), we will redo the entire production run from scratch with no questions asked, or refund your costs
The right price

The right price

Our prices don’t need to cover the costs of maintaining a huge team, operating warehouses, and other overhead typical to large companies. Our in-house system of manufacturer rating, combined with our deep understanding of true costs of production, enable us to pick the best manufacturer in terms of price vs. quality. We are also fully transparent about our purchasing prices
Up-to-date reports

Up-to-date reports

During the course of the project you will receive ongoing mini-reports about each stage of manufacturing. With our flexibility and ability to think out of the box, we are here to help you
A wide base of audited manufacturers

A wide base of audited manufacturers

Our search goes far beyond Alibaba and GlobalSources. We work with factories certified or audited by companies such as Disney, Marvel or Coca Cola. We’ve tried and tested these manufacturers ourselves by successfully doing business with them in the past. As a result, we have the ability to quickly get production going at a professional, reliable factory
Understanding the client’s needs

Understanding the client’s needs

Our staff of industry veterans draw on their extensive experience – such as working for RedBull and Philip Morris, or developing products for Siemens – to have a complete understanding of current trends and the know-how needed to transform them into products that will work for you


Each project is unique and it is difficult to write on the tariff plans or markup, so we 17Aces call you a price for 1 unit of goods, which includes the complexity of the product and the application, terms of logistics and many other factors critical to the cost.
We have worked hard to optimize our business processes, and are willing to provide some of the predostevit luchshiyh conditions in the Russian market for our customers.
Check out this easy - just send us your inquiry and believe me - we'll find a way to accomplish your tasks within budget.
Our prices include
  • Customer Support 24/7

  • Goods produced at best with "price-quality" factory

  • Money back guarantee

  • reliable logistics without delay

  • Free logotipirovanie new product for large orders

  • Warranty constant prices, as all contingencies ourselves

  • Returns the value of the samples

Start work with us


You're in good company. 38 local and
multinational brands to be specific
“We were getting tired of constantly flying out of Moscow to check up on ongoing projects, and there was still some way to go before we would open a Chinese branch. We outsourced all our manufacturing to 17ACES and instead focused on marketing and on our clients. I wonder why we didn’t think of this sooner… the wooden spoons and the neck hangers for Martini were one of the many projects we’ve done with them…”
“We have been working with 17ACES since 2013 and I still don’t understand how they are able to find such low prices while consistently making souvenirs at the quality we need. I am giving them a standing ovation!”
"ACES has been helping us with small projects making customized souvenirs for 3 years now. We are very comfortable working with them. They are always true to their motto, “All-embracing service”. We are planning to entrust them with larger projects in the future.”
“In Ace, we found a good partner in the field of spirits promotion – interesting ideas and high-quality implementations – everything was done perfectly to a T! We are now involving them in our creative sessions; their expertise in manufacturing processes gives us the ability to propose only realistic projects to our clients


Shenzhen, China

Yiwu, China

Almaty, Kazakhstan Republic

Казахстан, город Алматы,
пр. Рыскулова 68 "а"
Китай, провинция Чжэцзян,
город Иу, район Цинюаньлиу,
офисное здание 37, блок 2, офис 202
King Metropolis of Vanke, cross of Xinqu Road
and Jinlong Road, Minzhi Street, Bao'an District,
Shenzhen City
Building #3, office 2701